I’d Rather Be Eating

It’s true!  I love technology…or is it the idea of technology?… But more than anything, I love eating!

Eating, cooking, baking, grocery shopping, watching the Food Network, eating, eating, eating.  I also analyze restaurant menus, and after I have been to a restaurant, I can tell you (90% accuracy) what they have and sometimes the price range.  After I’ve tried the dishes, I can tell you the bang for your buck.  Go out to lunch or dinner with me.  You benefit two times

  1. You get to spend time with me
  2. You know your order will be to your liking both tastefully and financially

2 responses to “I’d Rather Be Eating

  1. Phillip Motley

    Me too. When are you bringing in some tasty creations?

  2. Yum. I am going to try this….looking forward to a delicious aroma in the house! p.s. Newman’s is good, but if you have Trader Joe’s, try their brand marinana sauce in the green can. It’s excellent and cheap!

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